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For 1000 years, the world of Spira was held in the grip of terror as the great monster Sin punished its Citizens for using the forbidden machina (machines) in the great machina wars. To combat Sin, powerful summoners would make a pilgrimage to Zanarkand, the ruins of what was once the greatest city in Spira. Able to call and control the devastating manifestations of the Fayth, holy souls imprisoned in statues by ancient Yevon rites, aeon's, into battle. These summoners would sacrifice their lives and the life of a chosen guardian of the summoner to defeat Sin for a temporary period of time called "The Calm". Unfortunately, The Calm would end and Sin would eventually return, forcing a new summoner and his or her guardian to forfeit their lives to bring peace to Spira once again. This cycle of life and death continued in Spira for untold generations, until one summoner stood against the teachings of Yevon and sought a new mean by which to defeat Sin – permanently. That summoner's name was Yuna and along with her guardians, she went against the order of Yevon and fought enemies on all sides. In a last ditch effort, Yuna and her guardians took on Sin and defeated it forever bringing forth a time which would be henceforth referred to as the "Eternal Calm". Although peace would finally last forever, Yuna was forced to say goodbye to someone whom she cared for very much. The young man named Tidus whom had been a dream of the Fayth, summoned by the great summoned by the great summoner, he who clads the aeon's into the unholy armor called Sin, Yu Yevon. When the Fayth were defeated during the attack on Sin, their dream faded, and with it, Tidus. Yuna thought the love of her life had vanished alongside the last remaining traces of Sin. But two years later, Yuna's cousin Rikku appeared in her hometown, Besaid Village and delivered a sphere found by Kimahri, Yuna's former guardian. This sphere contained images of a young man who resembled Tidus so closely that Yuna was compelled to leave Besaid and begin a new search for more spheres that might to lead her closer to the truth. This is Yuna's story.
Convinced that Tidus is still alive, Yuna embarks on a quest to find him.
How can you compare a game to a movie? The is not that Charlie&#39;s Angels, I show the movie Charlie Angels and Charlie Angels Full Throttle and I didn&#39;t see the Charlie&#39;s Angels having fun going through different missions.<br/><br/>The game is a little different for Final Fantasy X-1 but its entertainment. If you don&#39;t have a sense of humor, then you shouldn&#39;t be judging a book by its cover.<br/><br/>I will agree that it game has good graphics, good gameplay, a good storyline and depth. I like this series, but I can&#39;t change the way people fell about the game because your in tidal to your own opinion.<br/><br/>The way people talk about game is simply amazing and sometimes it can be down right disturbing. <br/><br/>Undertaker55 as spoken. Good Day.
For awhile, I disliked this sequel immensely. It felt almost blasphemous after the somber, heartbreaking FFX. Yet the years and a replay have given me a kinder view of this entry into the Final Fantasy series.<br/><br/>Yuna&#39;s journey to reunite with her lost love is all over the place and episodic. Unlike the first game, the story is not linear and the majority of the missions are filler, meant to show us how Spira is faring with its newfound freedom from the corrupt theocracy of Yevon. It&#39;s interesting to see this world in transition, the amount of revelry and turning away from traditions which creates much conflict within the game&#39;s universe.<br/><br/>The development of Yuna&#39;s character has proved controversial, though I think it makes sense. Throughout FFX, we saw the cheerful, carefree Tidus take on some of the characteristics of the responsible, self-sacrificing Yuna. Now Yuna is becoming more like Tidus, able to smell the roses, have fun, and be a little impulsive. It really fits into the yin-yang theme within their relationship.<br/><br/>Of course, there is a lot of rampant silliness too. The character of Brother has been altered in a most curious manner, as the writers have made him insane. He also loves/lusts after Yuna, which is creepy since they&#39;re cousins. The Leblanc Syndicate are grating and very much in the Team Rocket mold, but they&#39;re also kind of funny… sometimes anyway. And then there&#39;s the parade of fan service, from the main trio&#39;s skimpy, skin-tight outfits to a massage mini-game in which Yuna straddles Leblanc, who makes sexually suggestive moans when you massage her in just the right spot.<br/><br/>As for the game play side of things, FFX-2 is tons of fun. The job class system, while not as customizable as FFV&#39;s, is well-done. The Active Time Battle system is back, allowing for faster-paced battles in comparison to the turn-based FFX, which required more careful strategy.<br/><br/>The music is mostly forgettable and pop-inspired, though I will admit &quot;Real Emotion&quot; is catchy and the ballad &quot;1000 Words&quot; is hauntingly romantic. &quot;Yuna&#39;s Ballad&quot; is pretty as well.<br/><br/>Overall, this sequel is not as good as the original, but it is not the abomination many fans deem it to be. The game play is fun, the theme of a world in transition is compelling, and overall, it&#39;s nice to see what&#39;s become of the characters we knew and loved in the original game. If you loved the first game, then you owe it to yourself to play through this at least once.

There are five separate endings, based on certain things the player does during the game.<br/><br/>Bad Ending
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