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When your alone and life is making you lonely you can always blow stuff up in this awesome game. I prefer the challenge match where you take on six or more cars in a "best of" however many your twisted heart desires. I play as Thumper, the pink pimp-mobile, with twin torches under the hood. The graphic may suck a lot, but the game-play is easy and fun. I like the music that plays, such as a rock version of the French classic Frere Jacques in the Paris battle zone. The way that you skid and ram with cars until they get so much damage that they explode brings a smile to my face. This is a classic drive and gun that kills many a lonely hour.
Twisted metal 2 is heaps of pedestrian killing , monument destroying fun for the whole family !<br/><br/>The aim of the game is simple: choose from a selection of combat vehicles (driven by some pretty messed up drivers ) and destroy your enemies ! (and everything else that gets in your way ). The battle fields on which you engage in the vehicular action are well detailed video game friendly versions of countries such as antarctica , france , china and America , all of which look nice.<br/><br/>And an ethically bad yet useful touch lets you regain health by running over a number of innocent bystanders !<br/><br/>But perhaps the games strongest assets are its characters and theyre endings. The characters are a collection of psycos,antiheros ,miscreants and beings of pure evil ! And when you complete the game with which ever character you chose, you get see his/hers/ its ending. And the endings are excellent ! they consist of EC horror comic style drawings , accompanied by dramatic voice overs and usualy end in a grim , ironic fashion.<br/><br/>So if you want to destroy a whole bunch of people , places and things without getting arrested once, play twisted metal 2!

2006, one year after the first game.
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